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Embracing the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, Sidney and Victoria BC are the gateways to the Salish Sea. Strategically located at the intersection of Haro and Juan de Fuca Straits, these ocean “highways” conduct wildlife right to the city’s doorstep. The constant flow of both inbound and outbound animals creates a wealth of wildlife opportunities throughout the year. A temperate coastal climate ensures 4-season access to our Pacific playground. Spring, summer, winter, fall … adventure is always in season!

Following the first early salmon runs, our resident Killer Whales generally return to our local waters at the beginning of May and remain until the salmon spawn begins in mid-October. They visit the area sporadically during the winter months. Transient Killer Whales can be viewed year-round but are most prevalent in the fall when seal pup and sea lion populations are at their peak. The optimal time for viewing Humpback Whales is during the summer and fall. Gray Whales have been known to “homestead” in the area and can sometimes be viewed throughout the season. Minke Whales are the only other resident species and are frequently sighted from April to October.

whale watching

Whale Watching Adventure (6 hours)

Take a ride on the wild side and experience the supernatural beauty of the Pacific Northwest! For the ultimate West Coast adventure, join us on our thrilling 6-hour whale tours. This cruise into the “Pacific Playground” will be on a quest for whales, porpoises, dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, eagles and an exceptional array of marine birds. Focusing primarily upon the activities of the Orcas, we also encounter Minke, gray and humpback whales in the area.

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One of the Southern Resident Killer Whale pods, J-Clan, is resident to the waters surrounding Vancouver Island. They travel extensively – frequently ranging 90 miles or more per day. Unlike the meat-eating transients, our 3 resident pods consume fish and are best seen from May to October as they follow schools of salmon through scenic, island-strewn channels. Intimately guided by Captain Ron, you’ll be introduced to their wild world as these powerful predators journey past seabird rookeries and isolated pinniped haul-out sites. Listen to their musical underwater vocalizations on our quadraphonic hydrophone and be forever changed by the degree of civilization so evident in these gentle giants.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Adventure (6 hours)

Available for large groups of 12 passengers $1500.00.                          Call for Reservation
Available April to October (weather permitting)
6 Hour Tours – Departures at 10 am

  • 3 families or Pods of resident Orcas frequent the nearby waters during these months as wild salmon are present for their food
  • Humpback Whales are present occasionally as they pass through the area
  • Gray Whales and Minky Whales are also occasionally sighted
  • Transient Orcas are common sightings as well.
  • Dall’s Porpoises sometimes bow run along with our boat
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Sea King Adventures adheres to a prescribed set of guidelines for operating vessels around Orca Whales and other marine wildlife. You can view these guidelines

Captain Ron King – ‘The King of Whales’

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