Seaking Adventures FAQ

Please arrive half hour before departure to facilitate payment, paperwork and cruiser suit fittings. You’ll need to come earlier if you plan to feed the seals or have a meal!

Pay parking is available at Fisherman’s Wharf. More pay parking is available on Kingston Street and the Ogden Point cruise ship terminal. There’s no charge for parking on the streets but space is limited. Larger vehicles and RV’s will find the Kingston St. and Ogden Point parking lots easier to negotiate.
Public transit, harbour ferries, taxis, Pedi cabs and tour buses provide transportation to and from Fisherman’s Wharf. The waterfront walk takes about 20 minutes from downtown. The walk from the Ogden Point cruise ship terminal is under 10 minutes.

We’re located on a Pacific Ocean island so weather is always a factor. High winds, gale warnings and fog force cancellations. On the west coast rain is nothing more than a clothing choice and it doesn’t affect wildlife activities. During periods of heavy rain our boat will be enclosed by full walk-around canopies. In the event of a cancellation, SeaKing will make every effort to re-schedule. There are no charges or fees when tours are cancelled.

Seasickness is generally not a problem on open fast-moving boats. SeaKing cuts through the waves cleanly and provides plenty of fresh air and a clear view of the horizon. People are more prone to seasickness on the larger covered boats because of the side-to-side rocking movement and the sensual confusion of watching the floors, walls and ceiling move.

People who get car or travel sick may be prone to seasickness. There are different medications and devices available for prevention. We have travel tabs (dimenhydrinate) in the office but they must be taken 20 minutes before departure to be effective.

Whale information is relayed via a network of spotters. Companies and skippers co-operate in sharing sightings information. SeaKing will extend their tours past the 3 hour time limit in order to view animals that are farther away. Whales are, however, wild animals and we can’t guarantee their appearance at any certain time. If a tour has been unsuccessful, each participant will receive a free non-transferable ticket to come again. These are not stand-by passes and there is no expiration date. OUR GUARANTEE

We require a credit card number to secure off-line reservations. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and debit transactions. This information only secures your reservation – you can pay any way you want on the day of departure.

Please arrive half an hour before departure to facilitate payment, paperwork and cruiser suit fittings.

American currency will be processed according to the exchange rate.

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to departure

There are no charges or fees if SeaKing is forced to cancel a tour due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances

Seaking requires a minimum of 4 adult passengers for a tour. If we don’t have enough passengers, SeaKing will make arrangements with another company to provide the service for those interested at the SeaKing rate. Passengers will be processed, picked up and returned to SeaKing’s office at Fisherman’s Wharf. Whenever possible SeaKing will give the client a choice of alternative vessels (covered or open boats).

Each regularly scheduled tour is limited to 10 passengers. Private charters accommodate 12 passengers per vessel.

Although resident to our waters, the best time to view Killer Whales is between May to mid-October. SEASON LENGTH – APRIL TO OCTOBER 31

We offer 2 trips daily at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. There isn’t a “better” time for viewing animals. Whales can be resting in the morning and active in the afternoon or vice-versa. If there’s any difference between the tours it’s that mornings tend to be calmer and afternoons are warmer.

Seaking Adventures FAQ