We cannot accommodate wheel chairs on board our vessel. Walkers and wheel chairs can be stored at our office. Passengers must negotiate 2 steps in order to board or disembark the vessel. Please advise in advance if you require assistance.

We don’t have an age limit but reasonable fitness and ability is required. Pregnant women, the elderly, very young children and people in frail health or suffering from back/neck pain need to bear in mind that the ocean is not a static or placid environment. During the course of a 3-hour tour we can encounter sudden squalls and a bumpy ride. There are risks and hazards associated with all ocean voyages and all passengers must sign waiver forms prior to departure. Waiver forms

We don’t charge for children under 2 years of age provided they sit with a parent and don’t need a seat. Infants are generally zipped inside an extra large cruiser suit worn by a parent and seated behind the windshield for protection. Toddlers will be fitted with soft life jackets so they must be dressed warmly. We have XS cruiser jackets for young children who are too small for full-length suits. Warm pants, socks, tight-fitting cap, sweaters and jackets are mandatory for children or adults who cannot wear cruiser suits. Please advise in advance if you are bringing small children so we can reserve suitable seats to accommodate you.

We have individual and stern seats for the elderly, pregnant and others with mild conditions. Please discuss any health concerns with us prior to reserving in order to make sure that the tour is appropriate for you.