Dress to be day-appropriate. All passengers will be fitted with full length cruiser suits. Cruiser suits are provided to make up the difference between land and sea temperatures. The suits have hoods but your feet are exposed so socks and flat, soft-soled shoes are recommended.

Cruiser suits come in sizes XS to XXL. Please note that cruiser suits are not mandatory on our boat – they’re only issued for comfort because we have life preservers and life saving equipment on board. Very young children and folks who cannot fit into a cruiser suit will need to dress warmly. Bear in mind that you’ll be dealing with sea temperatures ( 10C all year) and moving at speeds of 50 km/p so it cools down quickly. There’s dry storage on board so feel free to bring along an extra sweater or windbreaker. Gloves will be provided when necessary. We have sunscreen (usually SPF 50) on board.