* Camera with long-range/telephoto lens. SeaKing is the perfect photography platform! We’ve taken film and television crews and scores of professional photographers on tour so don’t forget your camera! Cameras can be zipped inside the suits, put in a plastic bag, stashed in a side locker or kept in our dry storage locker on rainy or otherwise sloppy days. Learn about the guidelines and distances = www.bewhalewise.org

* Sunglasses

* Binoculars. We have some on board but they need to be shared.

* Food and drink can be challenging on a fast open boat. It’s like trying to eat or drink on the back of a motorcycle! If you must eat please bring manageable “finger food” items (sandwiches, apples, chocolate bars etc). Water is available at the office. Drinks must be contained in re-sealable non-breakable containers.