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Ronald John King began his marine career as a deckhand on board his father’s commercial fishing vessel at age 11. He went on to own his own boat, Aquarius, and spent a total of 25 years in the commercial fishing industry. With the down turn of the fishing industry in the early 1990’s, Ron turned his attention to the relatively new business of providing whale watching tours. In 1995 he sold his boat and salmon license and created SeaKing Adventures Inc. In 2011, Ron achieved his 60 Ton Master Certificate from the Canadian Coast Guard. Ron also has a shop and is a skilled wood-worker, machinist and electrician. He rebuilt and repowered his fish boat in 1980 and does all the maintenance work on his whale watching vessel, including rebuilding the engine and sterndrive. Ron’s father John King is also a boat builder and machinist.

Holly Hansen-King is Ron’s wife and business partner. She has over 40 years experience as a customer service representative and has a certificate in Office Administration. She has managed the shore-based business for SeaKing (reservations, reception, correspondence, payment, gift shop, etc.) since 1995.


SeaKing Adventures Inc. was incorporated in 1995 as a whale watching and marine tour company. It is a family business entirely owned and operated by Ron and Holly King. In 2000, SeaKing moved its operations to Fisherman’s Wharf. In 2001, we built a floating building that doubles as a tour office and gift shop. With its close proximity to the cruise ship terminal and downtown core, Fisherman’s Wharf has become a popular destination for both tourists and locals. The Food Fair area includes the famous Barb’s Fish and Chips and the daily seal feed in front of the Fish Store is a popular attraction for people of all ages.

In 2010 SeaKing acquired a 24’ Buccaneer sailboat and a 42’ commercial fishing vessel with a shrimp license in order to enter these markets without sub-contracting these services to outside companies.
The sail boat will accommodate a total of 6 passengers and will sleep 4 people.

There are no passenger class Coast Guard certified vessels available for fishing in Victoria. Existing companies offer salmon or halibut fishing on 24’ to 28’ vessels that are limited to 4 passengers. It is further necessary to privately reserve and charter these vessels at a minimum cost of $550.00 for 5 hours. Although fishing is a popular activity, the high cost puts it out of reach for most residents. Tourists often cannot take advantage of the service because of the need for advance arrangements. The limited passenger capacity per vessel makes it unattractive or even impossible for tour company bookings. In addition, the small vessel size limits the market to salmon or halibut fishing because there is not enough deck space for crab and prawn traps.

The New SeaKing Adventurer will provide 10 to 17 passengers with the opportunity to fish prawns, shrimp, crab, salmon and halibut on an individual – rather than charter – basis. With a nod to the popularity of television’s Deadliest Catch, there will be a strong emphasis on trap fisheries (prawns, shrimp and crab) because this service is not currently being offered.

The SeaKing Adventurer will carry at least 102 traps on the decks and will provide customers with the opportunity to glimpse into the world of commercial fishing. Regulations currently entitle each passenger to fish 4 prawn traps and 2 crab traps with the provision that they personally manage their traps. We will give them a lesson on running the gear before departure and will supply video information on board the boat. Passengers will set their traps in the morning to provide maximum soak time. After fishing salmon, halibut, etc. for several hours, we will return to pull the traps. There will be a deck hand on board to guide and assist passengers with each of the fisheries.

With the increased public interest and awareness in local food and produce, this affordable excursion will provide tourists and locals with the opportunity to personally catch fresh, local seafood. Offering multiple fisheries on each tour greatly increases the chances for success. The 6 hour expedition will cost $250.00 per person (non-members including traps, rods, bait, etc) so passengers can expect excellent food value in return for their fare. Current market value is $25.00 per crab, $22.00 per pound for prawns, $10.00 per pound for salmon and $15.00 per pound for halibut.

We will operate the Club SeaKing to further entice the local market. Membership will cost $100.00 per year and will entitle members to a 25% discount on all fishing, whale watching or sailing tours booked through SeaKing. Members will also have an expedited on-line booking service and access to a members-only chat room that will be featured on our promotional web-site.

Thank You All

Ron Holly King

SeaKing Adventures Advantages Club

Finally! Affordable Marine Adventures for People of All Ages & Abilities!

MEMBERS OF SEAKING’S ADVENTURES CLUB will have a virtual passport to our Pacific Playground. For a yearly membership fee, participants will have access to a wide range of services and activities at discounted Club Rates

  • Whale Watching
  • Fishing for Salmon or Halibut
  • Trap Fishing for Crab & Prawns like the DEADLIEST CATCH style
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Rowing
  • Rentals and bare bones charters
  • Guided Tours
  • Seamanship Training

Members of SeaKings Adventure Club can enjoy all these ocean activities without having to OWN a boat. Our rental program eliminates the high cost, maintenance and hassles associated with boat ownership. Whether you choose bare bones charters or guided tours, our selection of power and sail vessels means there’s something for everyone.

  • New Concept in Marine Activities
  • Dedicated clientele base
  • Why own your own boats ( Hi cost )
  • Wharfage and maintenance ( Hi cost )
  • Fuel ( Hi cost )
  • You need Licenses now (Time consuming )
  • Boat Training for new boaters
Why own your own boats when Club SeaKing lets you enjoy the use of all their boats.

With Club SeaKing we will offer locals and tourists the a wide range of ocean activities like the new trap fishing experience similar to that seen on the Deadliest Catch. We will also combine it with Salmon and Halibut fishing, Sailing, Rowing, Kayaking, Whale Watching, Boat Training and Club outings.

Let us take care of all these vessels and the maintenance. If you’ve ever had your own boat, you know what I mean.

WIN WIN WIN Free Seafood

Now you can come fishing almost free. When you catch your own food you will come in with Crabs, Prawn and you maybe a Salmon or a Halibut worth more than the club price of $170.00

No-one is doing this style of fishing anywhere.

My boat has a commercial shrimp License so club members can come out shrimp trawling which means we will tow a shrimp drag net on the ocean floor. See how it is all done and at the end of the day you could take lots of shrimp home with you.

WOW what an outing!

Victoria is a retirement town now, so we have a huge client base just sitting on their couches. Most of you do not want to look after your own boats any more, so why not come and help look after the club boats That will make your day.

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Local (250) 381-4173
Captain Ron King – ‘The King of Whales’

Invites you to join Club SeaKing