Club SeaKing Advantage


CLUB SeaKing Adventures Advantages

Finally! Affordable Marine Adventures for People of All Ages & Abilities!

MEMBERS OF SEAKING’S ADVENTURES CLUB will have a virtual passport to our Pacific Playground. For a yearly membership fee, participants will have access to a wide range of services and activities at discounted Club Rates

  • Whale Watching
  • Fishing for Salmon or Halibut
  • Trap Fishing for Crab & Prawns like the DEADLIEST CATCH style
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Rowing
  • Rentals and bare bones charters
  • Guided Tours
  • Seamanship Training
  • Party Boating
  • Club Outing all year
  • Annual Club Party

Members of SeaKings Adventure Club can enjoy all these ocean activities without having to OWN a boat. Our rental program eliminates the high cost and maintenance and hassles associated with boat ownership. Whether you choose bare bones charters or guided tours our selection of power and sail vessels means there’s something for everyone.

  • New Concept in Marine Activities
  • Dedicated cliental base
  • Why own your own boats ( Hi cost )
  • Wharf age and maintenance ( Hi cost )
  • Fuel ( Hi cost )
  • You need Licenses now (Time consuming )
  • Boat Training for new boaters

Why own your own boats when Club SeaKing lets you enjoy the use of all there boats.

With Club SeaKing we will offer to locals an tourist the opportunity to a wide range of ocean activities like the new trap fishing experience like the deadliest catch we will also combine it with Salmon and Halibut fishing and Sailing and Rowing and Kayaking and Whale Watching and Boat Training and Club outings.

Let use take care of all these vessels and the maintenance if you had your own boat you know what I mean.

WIN WIN WIN Free Seafood

Now you can come fishing almost free when you catch you own food you will come in with Crabs, Prawn and you mite catch a Salmon or a Halibut worth more than the club price of $160.00

Nobody is doing this style of fishing anywhere

My boat has a commercial shrimp License so club members can come out shrimp trawling witch means we will tow a shrimp drag net on the ocean floor and see how it is all done and at the end of the day you will take lots of shrimp home with you

WOW what a outing!

Victoria is a retirement town now so we have a huge client tell base just sitting on there couches most of you do not want to look after your own boats any more so why not come and help look after the club boats That will make your day.

Mission Statements

  • A fabulous way to meet new people with the same interest
  • Our New Concept in the Marine Environment will teach New Boaters
  • We will Acquire more vessel for Club Members to enjoy
  • We Will Teach you how to SAIL
  • We Will Teach marine navigation
  • We Will Teach how to look after boats
  • We Will be looking for your new ideas to Enhance the Club outings
  • We have a 21 foot sailing vessel for Club members to use
  • We will teach Rowing with our 14 foot Whitehull Rowboat
  • Best of all We will be building a 2 story NEW CLUB HOUSE at Fishermans Wharf for all to enjoy
  • So Join NOW so we can Achieve our new and exciting marine adventure Club

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Local (250) 381-4173

Captain Ron King – ‘The King of Whales’

Invites you to join Club SeaKing

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