Born Green



seakin_giftshopWe were born green! Our floating office building/gift shop Treasure Chest was completely built from reclaimed and recycled materials. Our vessel SeaKing has the lowest fuel consumption, lowest levels of noise pollution, and lowest emissions in the industry. Our quiet inboard engine is re-built when necessary – we do not use disposable out-board engines on any of our boats. Victoria whale watching companies have contributed as estimated 400 outboard engines into the landfill since 1995.

Green Since 1995

  • Our custom designed vessel combines the excitement of high-speed inflatibles with the comforts and amenities generally found on larger boats.
  • Quiet, environmentally friendly inboard engine
  • Lowest EPA
  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • One boat limited to 12 passengers twice daily – less impact
  • Walk around comfort
  • Private marine head
  • Surround sound hydrophone to hear whales
  • Vessel can be covered during poor weather
  • Luxurious wrap-around seating – no row seats
  • Cruiser suits, gloves and sunscreen provided

Ron and Holly are all about doing the right thing by supporting the thing that matter in the bigger pitcher of our environment by helping out where it really matters by saving the Salmon and whales for the future and been environment friendly unlike all our competitors that are only here for the profit and do not care. I have never seen anyone from another whale watching at any of the save the salmon Rallies The Orcas here eat 100 kilos of Salmon a day and without wild salmon we will lose this population of Orcas FOREVER and it is coming soon if we do not fix the problem WE NEED YOUR HELP farm fish will destroy the wild salmon on this coast it is already happening.