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Whale Watching

Whale Watching Adventure (6 hours)

Available for large groups of 12passengers $1500.00 Call for Reservation
Available April to October (weather permitting)
6 Hr Tours – Departures at 10 am

  • 3 families or Pods of resident Orcas frequent the nearby waters during these months as wild salmon are present for their food
  • Humpback Whales are present occasionally as they pass through the area
  • Gray Whales and Minky Whales are also occasionally sighted
  • Transient Orcas are common sightings as well.
  • Dall’s Porpoises sometimes bow run along with our boat
Call Now Toll Free 1-877-250-ORCA (6722)
Local (250) 381-4173

Sea King Adventures adheres to a prescribed set of guidelines for operating vessels around Orca Whales and other marine wildlife. You can view these guidelines

Captain Ron King – ‘The King of Whales’

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