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Choose your adventure for a ride on the wild side! A short cruise from downtown Victoria, an ocean wilderness awaits. Here the snow crowned Olympic Mountains virtually soar from the sea bed. The giant kelp forests swaying at their feet can grow up to a meter a day. Enriched by ocean currents and tossed by tides, these cool nutrient-rich waters provide a “soup” that sustains whales, pinnipeds, fish and an astonishing array of marine birds.

Situated at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria BC is ideally located for marine activities such as fishing and wildlife viewing. Because Victoria is strategically placed at the intersection of 2 ocean “highways” – Juan de Fuca and Haro Straits – fish and wildlife are conducted to our door-step! Your chances for success are doubled because marine creatures entering or leaving the area will be passing by Victoria. Our location also provides the extra advantage of covering a larger area because we can travel miles in any direction.

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Embracing the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria BC is the gateway to the Salish Sea. Strategically located at the intersection of Haro and Juan de Fuca Straits, these ocean "highways" conduct wildlife more

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